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Are Spotter Arms Necessary

Are Spotter Arms Necessary (Should You Always Use Them)

Most people will have heard of the term “spotter” when it comes to lifting weights. A spotter is almost essential when performing heavy compound movements like the squat and bench press. The main reason being that if you can’t finish a rep (due to fatigue or another reason) you’ll be left in a very dangerous situation. 

Therefore, it raises the question of “are spotter arms necessary” and should you always use them?

With training solo in a home gym or regular gym though, you don’t always have access to someone who can spot the weight for you. This is where spotter arms can potentially come in useful. The power rack attachments can drastically improve safety when lifting on your own and are almost considered essential for both beginners and professional lifters alike. 

Just look at home many spotters a powerlifter needs when preparing for a big lift…

Are Spotter Arms Necessary

Lifting heavy weights is a key to muscle growth but with more weight comes more risk of injury.  

Safety spotters arms are not essential when working out but they are highly recommended to safely lift heavy. So, while they are not necessary, it never hurts to have them! If you use a squat stand, use spotter arms unless you have an actual spotter. Power racks come with safety straps or pins.

In the section below, we’ll go into more detail regarding spotter arms so that you can 

How much weight can spotter arms hold?

The amount of weight a spotter arm can hold entirely depends on the specific set you buy. There are many different brands, each with its particular criteria and style. Some may hold more weight than others. 

For example, the X-3 series spotter from Titan Fitness can hold a weight capacity of up to 1,500 pounds! It’s crafted from heavy-duty eleven gauge steel. It also features a powder coating and plastic liners to help protect the machine. 

However, there are plenty of other spotter arms from different brands with varying weight capacities.

Many will be less, and some could even be more! The important thing is to figure out precisely what you are looking for in a pair of spotter arms and then find the brand that sells it! Below you’ll find some popular brands to research. 

Popular Brands 

Here are a few popular brands within the weightlifting community. 


Rogue uses solid steel for the manufacturing of its equipment. These products are top quality, with outstanding durability and sturdiness. They also have excellent customer service. 


These are the more affordable pieces of equipment. While the equipment is good, it’s not of excellent quality. Additionally, their customer service is lacking. But if you’re on a tight budget, this may be the brand for you. 

Rep Fitness 

Rep Fitness is a new American company that has already become quite popular. Their equipment is priced excellently and is made of high-quality materials. They also have fast delivery and are an excellent choice for those on a budget. 


Sorinex offers similar prices to Rogue. Additionally, they have quality materials, great warranties, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. 

Legend Fitness 

Legend Fitness has higher prices than its competitors, but it’s for a good reason. The quality of their equipment is excellent, and they manufacture their squat racks based on the customer’s personal taste. 


Elitefts offers a wide range of prices in terms of squat racks. They have many different qualities and sizes. It’s a good brand for anyone, whether you’re on a budget or you can afford to splurge. 

Spotter Arms Cost

The price range of spotter arms ranges widely. They can be anywhere from $75 to $300. It depends on the quality of the materials used, the size of the spotter arms, how much weight they can hold, and the brand selling them. Accessories like these are also one of the key reasons why squat racks are so expensive

Workout Alternatives

If you find yourself on a tight budget and need an alternative option, here are a few. 

Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bars are available in a wide variety of designs. Some screw to the wall, while others can simply be mounted in a door frame. 

Prices vary, but you can find a good quality pull-up bar for under $150. 

Weight Bench 

When choosing a weight bench, ensure that it is of excellent quality, stable, and safe. You can find weight benches in the range of $50 to $190. 

Weight Plates 

There are many different barbells and weight plates available to purchase. The pricing varies, usually from $45 to $80. The pricing depends on the weight, brand, and material used. 

Barbells can be found for less than $200. You can use these with your squats.

Barbell Stand 

You can get these for less than $200. These allow you to perform different exercises, such as barbell lifting, barbell benching, deadlifts, and squats. 

Injury and Risks

While lifting is a great way to work out, there are risks associated with it. Here are some stats. Between 1990 and 2007, emergency rooms treated almost a million weightlifting injuries in the United States. 

Men made up 82% of those injured. Out of those injured, 47% were aged between thirteen and twenty-four. Finally, 90% of all weightlifting injuries are caused by free weights. 

Most injuries while working out can be blamed on user error, bad form, or equipment failure. In order to avoid injury, take precautions and stay calm and collected while working out. 

The three major injuries associated with these workouts are the lower back, knees, and shoulders. When you use the bench press, the main risk area is your shoulders. Always have a spotter with you. If you use a squat stand, then you should never lift alone. Spotter arms also come in handy here and are an excellent way to work out without an actual spotter. 


Spotter arms are not necessary only if you are using a squat stand with an actual spotter. If you don’t have someone to spot you, then you will need spotter arms. Additionally, some power racks come with safety straps, so additional spotter arms are not required.

The amount of weight that spotter arms can hold depends entirely on the design and the brand selling them. The same can be said of the pricing of spotter arms, which ranges anywhere from $75 to $300. Some brands include Titan, Rogue, Legend Fitness, Sorinex, and Elitefts. 

Finally, there are risks associated with weight lifting. Many people get injured. These injuries are usually due to user error, equipment failure, and bad form. If you are nervous, find someone who knows what they are doing and workout with them. They can ensure you are doing everything correctly.