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Are Power Rack Attachments Universal

Are Power Rack Attachments Universal? (Does 1 Size Fit All)

Power racks are expensive pieces of gym equipment, especially for a home gym. Depending on the type of power rack you purchase, they could even be considered the most important expensive piece of equipment that you can buy. 

The great thing about power racks, in general, is their versatility. You can buy a very basic rack when first starting out in a home gym but over time, you can gradually add attachments and build a high-end training facility – ok, maybe not a facility

The only issue, however, is whether or not power rack attachments are universal?

Are Power Rack Attachments Universal

So, are power rack attachments universal?

Power rack attachments are not universal. While the rack holes are standardized sizes, no power rack has standardized dimensions, therefore, power rack attachments can be compatible with multiple brands and models but no attachment is universal. 

Why Power Rack Attachments Are Not Universal

Power rack attachments come in various shapes and sizes, so it is always important to know the specifications of your power rack before you buy an attachment.

Power rack attachments are not universal and cannot fit any size or shape power rack. Many power rack brands offer attachments that are compatible with others, but it is always best to check before purchasing attachments.

Knowing what kind of workout you’re looking for will help narrow down if the weight selector pin has a range large enough to accommodate your desired weights. 

What Are Power Rack Attachments? 

Power racks are ideal for several different exercises. They’re often found in gyms, commercial fitness centers, and weight rooms because they allow you to do all the standard exercises without having to buy other equipment like free weights or machines. 

There is usually an area at the bottom where you can attach barbells, bands, cable pulleys, and even more specialized pieces such as dip bars or pull-up handles. 

These attachments come with their own set of benefits: 

  • Rack attachments eliminate the need to have multiple sets of dumbbells that take up valuable space.
  • Adjustable height so it fits any user.
  • Safer than using free weights on your own since there’s always someone spotting nearby.

The power rack attachments are universal within a particular brand. They fit securely and safely into a specific predetermined space or hole on the column of power racks. Additionally, single attachments will work for multiple exercises. 

What Size Are the Holes on Power Racks?

When shopping for a power rack, you should think about the table spacing and hole size. There are many different hole spacing and layouts to consider:

  • 5/8 inch holes with one-inch spaces in between.
  • One-inch holes with two-inch spaces in between.
  • One inch holes with three-inch spaces in between

The pinholes in the frame allow you to adjust safety bars depending on what lift you’re doing or your size. 

The spacing between these holes and the size of the holes themselves will determine what attachments are compatible with the power rack. 

How Do You Number the Hole on a Power Rack?

If your power rack comes without numbered holes, adding them may benefit those using the rack to align the attachments correctly. To number the holes on power racks, you will need to find out how many holes 

are in your power rack. 

Additionally, if your power rack doesn’t have the holes for the exercises you desire, you may be able to add them. You can drill a hole in each power rack column for this purpose if it does not already have one. 

To accurately do so:

  • Measure from the front of the power rack to the back and make sure to add two inches for safety bars.
  • Drill a hole at that measurement with an inch and quarter drill bit.
  • There should be sufficient space between each set of numbers to be seen when using them during exercises. For instance, there should ideally be about half an inch or more between sets of numbers.

Some people like to put their height beside their numbered hole instead – as long as the numbers are in a 

row, it is easy to tell which hole will be used for any power rack exercise.

Power Rack Brand Compatibility

Attachment compatibility for power racks depends on:

  • The type of tubing used for the uprights are typically either 2″x2″, 2″x3″, or 3″x3″. 
  • The size of hardware used to close in holes on the uprights. 
  • The spacing between holes is an issue for attachments that use two holes (one peg and one locking pin.)

Some racks have a one-inch spacing at a specific height range for bench press safety bars, but otherwise a two-inch spacing above and below this. 

It is essential to know the measurements of your power rack to determine what attachments on the market will be compatible. The measurement of the tubing on the attachment will be the telltale sign of whether or not it will be compatible with a different rack.

Frequently Asked Compatibility Questions for Power Rack Attachments

In general, there are many questions when it comes to power rack attachment compatibility between brands. As a rule of thumb, double-check the tubing measurements of your attachments and the hole attachments of your power rack to be sure they are compatible. 

Will Rogue Attachments Fit Titan Racks?

Yes, rogue attachments will fit titan power racks.

Are Sorinex Power Racks Compatible with Rogue Attachments?

Rogue power rack attachments are not compatible with Sorinex power racks. As a result, Sorinex and Rogue compete directly and don’t have much compatibility.

Is There a Universal Attachment That Fits All Power Racks? 

No, but it’s possible to buy an adapter plate set that allows you to add any hole pattern in the uprights (usually used by people who have multiple brands or styles of equipment at one gym). You can also talk with your manufacturer about making custom adapters–they’re typically made from metal tubing and bolts.

It’s also possible to get a custom-made attachment by using a professional fabricator/welder. These are custom jobs so will have additional costs but if you can find a talented fabricator, you’ll be able to create a range of custom-made attachments for a truly unique power rack setup.

What Are the Best Rogue Power Rack Attachments? 

The best attachments for a rogue power rack depend on what you’re looking to do. For example, powerlifters might prefer bench presses and squat accessories like resistance band anchors or heavy-duty spotter arms, while bodybuilders may prefer cable attachments like a lat pulldown or lever arm

There’s no set answer because different people have different goals when using their equipment! If someone is unsure about which type of attachment they should buy first, it’s usually a good idea to start 

with an accessory that doesn’t require any tools.


Some power racks are universal, meaning they can be used for different exercises that require their own power rack attachments. However, cross-brand compatibility is not always present, so it is recommended to check some measurements before purchasing new attachments.

There is a lot to consider when looking at power racks before buying one: the type and number of safety bars, maximum weight capacity, size/height recommendations on whether it will fit in your space, money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product or company.