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Is Gym a Hobby

Is Gym a Hobby? (Why is Going to the Gym a Good Hobby)

We typically cover more training and equipment-related topics on this site, particularly for the more serious or hardcore lifters. Occasionally though, we’ll look into topics of interest and one, in particular, is something very relevant to this site:

“Is gym a hobby”

Name it what you like – gym, training, working out – For any of us training on a regular basis, I think it’s fair to say we push the line between working out to stay fit, strong, healthy… And doing so because we enjoy it. 

Doing something you enjoy in your own leisure time is technically classed as a hobby, right?

Therefore, in this article, we’ll look into going to the gym as a hobby and see if this is something that can really be classed as a hobby, or if it’s something you wouldn’t necessarily list on a CV under interests (like a doctor’s check up).

Is Gym a Hobby?

There are a number of ways to know if going to the gym is a hobby for you or if you’re just doing it as a way to stay healthy. In fact, one of the ways is just that; If you enjoy the gym and like being there without focusing solely on the benefits.

One of the most obvious points for a gym hobbyist is if you bulk up in body fat in the winter and cut down during the warmer months. This is a good technique used by people serious about the gym to build muscle, because you need fat to burn and tone.

If you’ve developed a workout routine that you follow or have mapped out ahead of time, the gym is probably a hobby for you. Most people even have more than one circuit of sets that they follow to switch things up for their muscular growth.

On that note, with so many bodybuilders out there to follow or watch videos of as content creators, it’s typical to look up to one as a role model or goal. Someone that only uses the gym for health benefits probably wouldn’t care about the recommendations by a guru.

Lastly, a hobbyist is passionate about a subject so it usually works its way into most or all conversations at some point. If you find yourself bringing up the gym in everyday discussions, you might be able to list the gym as one of your hobbies.

Benefits of Going to the Gym

There are two major categories that going to the gym can help you in: Health and social settings.The benefits mentioned earlier with going to the gym can massively improve your outlook on life or relationships, so let’s break down some of the ways for each category.

Your Health Changes Everything

While it can be the main reason that even the most casual of gym-goers hit the treadmill, the health benefits of going to the gym or exercising with gym classes can be huge. The most obvious one is, in fact, your health.

It’s been proven many times that people who exercise have better heart rates, lung capacity, and blood-oxygen levels. It can also help blood flow and flexibility, which decreases naturally with age unless you stretch your body.

Yoga is one of the most effective classes that people get involved with at the gym because of just that, but it also helps with the next health benefit: Stress. In the modern world of business, technology, and traffic, stress levels can get extremely high.

This causes tension in your body and mind, which is where the gym comes in. Working out creates a boost in endorphins and adrenaline that makes you feel better, but it also can be a great way to relieve stress with a physical outlet like weights, ropes, or a punching bag.

If your gym has a boxing ring, this is a healthy way to “blow off steam” and get in great shape. With all of the above comes the biggest health benefit of all: Longer life and fewer health problems.

The risks that come with obesity and issues with the heart and lungs can be reduced with good exercise habits and the gym provides a good setting to make that happen. It’s usually encouraged by others and trainers, especially in a class.

Not only could you save thousands on avoiding medical problems from maintaining a strong, flexible body, but you might live a longer and more fulfilling life by being able to do things later in your life. On top of that, you’ll be able to do so with more confidence in yourself!

Socialize With Confidence

The other main category of benefits that a gym can give involves socializing. The first point that many people struggle with, especially these days with anxiety of some form so common, is self-confidence.

A lot of that comes from either how they look or how they feel about how they look, but both problems can be addressed with a proper gym routine. It takes time and effort, but developing a habit or routine of going to the gym a few times a week can be life-changing.

One of the biggest criticisms of the gym is that, if you’re self-conscious, you might be less inclined to go to the gym but it’s important to realize that a good gym will have supportive members and staff to encourage you toward your personal goals.

Everybody starts somewhere, and confidence actually leads to the next point: Social atmosphere. The gym can be a great place to meet people or see friends, though it’s important to remember that you’re all there to work out.

There is also a wide variety of gyms and fitness centers that you can join depending on your own interests, fitness levels, or desire for certain facilities. 

Keep conversations short while you’re there, but it can be fun to go out for a healthy lunch afterward. It’s also nice to see familiar faces and create a sort of support group. Of course, if nothing else, the gym can become a fun hobby.

If you’re wondering why you should pass your time at the gym, the real question is: Why not? With so many benefits discussed here and nothing better to do for your body or mind, what’s stopping you from giving the gym a chance? You might really like it!

Is Gymming a Word?

This one depends on how you judge whether something’s a word or not, because the term “gymming” isn’t in any Webster or Oxford dictionary as of yet. However, it can be found on Urban Dictionary or thrown around as a slang term among gym-goers.

Essentially, “gymming” refers to someone who’s passionate about going to the gym and has created a hobby out of it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a muscle-builder or professional weightlifter, because “gymming” is for anyone with a routine.

In context, you might go “gymming” and grab a smoothie after. Still, if you adhere solely to the dictionary definitions, “gymming” isn’t a word. Keep in mind, though, that since going to the gym can be a hobby it probably has a sub-group of people with their own slang terminologies.

Final Thoughts

If you’re something of an avid gym-goer, there’s a very strong chance that you can not only class going to the gym as a hobby but that it genuinely is your hobby!

If you spend any time browsing through this site you’ll see we cover a range of topics just on the gym alone. Reading, watching, researching, and most commonly training is an everyday occurrence for us and when you dedicate so much time to the gym, it’s difficult for anyone to argue against it being classed as a hobby.